HP: Selling Security as a Solution

In the following blog post, an HP Inc. partner discusses how his firm is selling printer security:

“’New malware comes out every 4.2 seconds. How do you stay ahead of that?’ says Jerod Keyser, general manager, Fortress Business Systems.

Fortress Business Systems, an Idaho-based HP partner, is stepping up to meet this challenge. Today, it is transforming its solutions business from selling printers to selling security.

A longtime Samsung dealer, Fortress expected devices to see very little change after HP purchased Samsung’s printer business. Already attuned to selling business solutions instead of just products and their features, they attended an HP training session on security. Yet, what they learned at the session rocked their world.

With cyber threats increasing, many organizations take great care to secure their computers and networks. However, these same organizations frequently overlook their printing and imaging devices. They don’t realize an unsecured printer can open the entire network to attacks.

Six out of 10 companies have unsecured printers – back door channels that can let hackers sneak through and take down an entire operation. HP foils such threats with industry-leading solutions. Embedded security features in next-generation HP devices – including HP PageWide and HP LaserJet A3 and A4 copiers and multifunction printers – automatically detect and stop attacks.

If attacked, the devices reboot and self-heal thanks to HP JetAdvantage Security Manager software, which automatically assesses and, if necessary, remediates security settings to comply with organizational policies.

“The class was an eye-opener,” says Todd Trengove, Fortress sales manager.

After attending the session, Fortress was convinced that leveraging security would give them a competitive differentiator as a solutions vendor.

Changing the Conversation

“You don’t sell security to people who are only trying to save money. That’s the wrong conversation,” Keyser says.

Indeed, security solution selling is a whole different ballgame. Fortress embarked on a mission to educate prospects and customers about security threats and solutions. “We make people aware that security is not only a real issue, but also a compliance matter for most businesses and customers,” Keyser says.

Questions such as “Do you have a solution in place for your end-user devices?” start the wheels churning. Keyser explains to clients: “If you’re looking for the complete package: security, service, durability, and a long-term relationship, it’s in your best interest to continue this conversation.’”

HP PageWide devices deliver fast, cost-efficient color print. HP A3 and A4 printers enable next-generation productivity. The added advantage on the printers is HP JetAdvantage Security Manager which assesses and remediates security settings.

“They feel like they’ve plugged the hole in the dike,” Keyser says. “They know that their HP printers are fortified.”

Today, more and more law firms, medical offices, and other security-conscious organizations are coming to Fortress as part of the increased necessity to be compliant with the constantly evolving cybersecurity regulation and legal requirements.

Consultative selling of HP security solutions is generating significant new business for Fortress. To differentiate its business and win market share from entrenched competitors, Fortress takes a solutions-selling approach emphasizing the critical role of information security.”

For more information on HP security solutions, visit HP here.

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