HP Acquires Bromium to Enhance PC, Printer Security

On September 19th, HP Inc. announced that it had acquired Bromium for an undisclosed sum. Bromium is an end-point security start-up company that’s developed technology for protecting enterprises by using virtualization-based security to isolate browser-based attacks, malicious downloads, email attachments, and other applications in hardware-enforced micro-virtual machines.

HP says Bromium technology complements and enhances HP’s existing security platform with hardware-enforced application isolation and containment to protect against advanced attacks while providing real-time threat intelligence. Combined with HP solutions including Sure Sense, Sure View, and Sure Start, Bromium technology is said to provide comprehensive protection against the most sophisticated malware and enhances our industry leading firmware and BIOS security layers.

HP noes that as customers increasingly look for new ways to create, consume, and collaborate with their devices, they are also looking for security and privacy. With one in 13 web requests leading to malware and over 500,000 new malware attacks every day, every device decision is a security decision.

“Security is a key competitive differentiator for HP, providing the most secure PCs and printers on the market,” commented Andy Rhodes, GM and Global Head of Commercial Systems at HP. “The acquisition of Bromium extends our investments, leadership and focus in this space and securing end point devices that are on the front lines of defense against cyber security attacks.”

HP currently licenses the Bromium technology and leverages it for its Sure Click solution. Bromium will become part of HP’s broader platform to secure end-point devices.

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