How CopyTech Systems is Serving the New At-Home Worker

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in lockdown orders around the world, with many former office workers – and students – now working at home. One thing those workers need: secure desktop printers and All-in-Ones with easy replacement of supplies and competitive cost per page.

To get a look at how office-equipment dealers are responding to this, we recently interviewed Chris Scowden, president and owner of CopyTech Systems, which is based in Farmers Branch, Texas.

For its part, one thing CopyTech has responded with is lease packages for Ricoh A4 All-in-Ones, with three All-in-One options at $16, $28, or $35 per month, including toner and service.

We asked CopyTech’s Scowden what his dealership’s experience has been with serving at-home workers:

How many desktop printers are you selling now?

“Three to five per week now, up from zero.”

What are your customers asking for now?

“Affordable, low-maintenance machines with low toner costs. We created an offering to include toner in all our desktop leases and secured a new finance partner to lease directly to consumers as well as businesses.”

Are you selling to at-home workers?

“Yes, we also see demand coming from parents that are homeschooling.  We’ve got a few customers that are still working remote and rather than leasing them a new office machine, we are leasing them three to four desktop machines for similar pricing. We specialize in off-lease, refurbished equipment and have the best luck with the Ricoh MP 305 for B/W and MP C306 for color machines. These are more robust than what they buy online and have long lifespans with low operating costs.”

How are you handling installation at home offices? 

“We are serving Dallas-Fort Worth only at the moment, so our differentiation is that we deliver and install the machines for them to ensure everything is working properly.”

How are you and customers handling home-printer security?

“We clear the hard drive and restore the machines back to factory resets as part of our refurbishing process, both when they go out and also when they come back in.  As for at-home security, we give the users best practices and ensure the management portal is secured with a strong password.”

Have you considered an ecommerce section on your website so that customers can order printers and their supplies online from you?

“Yes, it is in place today but we haven’t seen as much traffic as we would like there. Some of that is due to Domain Authority scores that we are working to improve so we can see increased traffic.”

Do you have safety procedures in place for service techs visiting customer sites?

“Yes, our techs are temp-scanned each day before leaving for customer sites, they wear surgical masks and gloves while performing repairs. All machines are disinfected as part of the service process when we are on site.”

For more information on CopyTech, visit the company here.