handyPrint Turns Old Printers into Apple AirPrint Printers for Mobile Printing

airprintHave an old printer that doesn’t support Apple’s AirPrint for mobile printing? handyPrint v5 is a 64-bit Mac OSX application from Netputing that allows users to print from Apple iPods, iPads and iPhones on printers that don’t support AirPrint. Netputable says v5 has been re-designed as a standard application similar to the ones found in the Apple App Store. Users simply copy it to the Applications folder and run it from there. Once they turn the application switch to ON it will start on its own every time the user log-ins to see their user account. There’s no need to manually start the application.

handyPrint v5 is compatible with Mavericks OSX 10.9 – v3 and v4 don’t work under OSX 10.9.

The chart below will shows how v5 compares to Netputing’s newest PRO release:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.51.00 AM

Netputable has raised the minimum donation for handyPrint v5 to $5 and is giving free licenses to anyone who already donated $5 or more. It’s also crediting past donation.  Since most customers have already donated between $5 and $10, it expect most users will get an upgrade. handyPrint v5 brings handyPrint to Mavericks OSX 10.9; v3 and v4 do not work under OSX 10.9.

For more on handyPrint v5, visit Netputable here.

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  1. Val D says:

    you can print with print n share as well to a non airprint printer, very useful

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