Hands-On Test: e-BRIDGE Print & Capture Lite for Android Mobile Devices

Do you have an MFP that’s equipped with TTEC’s (Toshiba TEC Corporation) e-BRIDGE controller? This includes a number of devices from the likes of Toshiba and OKI.  If so, TTEC has released a mobile print, scan and distribute application for these devices, called e-BRIDGE Print and Capture Light for Android, and it’s pretty sweet. The “Lite” designation is due to the fact that TTEC is soon to launch a pay version that has e-BRIDGE Re-Rite integration. What is Re-Rite? Find out here.

We downloaded the application from Google Play and installed it on our Nexus 7 test tablet with the latest version of Android (4.3). The app installed itself in under a minute, and worked correctly right out of the chute, with very little setup required.

Main Menu

The opening screen shows the major components of the application. You can remotely scan with your MFP, pulling the image to your Android mobile device, or you can capture the image with your Android mobile device’s camera, to capture and route images to a variety of destinations. You can also print documents and images from a wide variety of repositories.

As you scroll down the screen, here are the remaining repositories that you can print from. The selection covers just about everything with the exception of LAN/WAN repositories. Nevertheless, it’s hard to quibble with the selection of standard repositories.


The settings icon in the upper right gives you access to your user authentication settings. These settings are used if and when you should choose to utilize the Hold or Private Print features described further on in this review. This information also shows up in the job log that is stored in the e-BRIDGE controller. The settings icon in the upper right is used to clear previously discovered devices.

The first time you attempt to tap on any Capture or Print selections, you are prompted with this.

If you decide to take the plunge, you can discover your device in several different ways. Note the selection of discovery methods on the menu across the top. We were rather astonished that our device quickly popped up via WiFi discovery and suppose that this is due to the fact that our device was hard-wired into our IEEE 802.11 a/ac/c/b/g/n wireless network. As previously noted, you can clear previously discovered devices if your list becomes unmanageable or if you want to start from scratch.

Scan and Capture

Device discovered and ready to scan. In the left pane, you can specify the File Type (JPG or PDF), Color Mode (Color, Grayscale, Black & White), Resolution (200, 300, 400), and whether to scan duplex originals via the duplexing automatic document feeder.

Once you’ve completed your scan, you can send it off to various locations. If you tap “SEND” you can choose your destination and will be prompted for log-in information. If you choose one of the two “Local” destination selections (on the main screen or from this drop-down menu), you’ll be prompted to name the file and it will be sent off into the internal public mailbox of the device. You can tap the icon on the far right and choose to send to any destinations supported by your Android device such as Bluetooth, Picasa, Email, Gmail, Google+, Evernote, etc.


Once you’ve chosen a potential print from the repository of choice from the main menu, you can tailor your print settings, which include Color Mode (Auto, Grayscale) or Print Mode (Normal Print, Hold Print Private Print). Curiously, there are no selections for duplex print and media size/orientation.

If you choose Private Print or Hold Print, information concerning the credentials that you would use in order to print and retrieve your print is shown in the left pane .


If you have access to an e-BRIDGE equipped device and an Android mobile device, you need this app. On the other hand, if you manage the device, strategically assign each user credentials so that they mimic your existing nomenclature. That way, you can use the job log to identify who is printing what from their mobile device.

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