Hands-On Competitive Test Report and Videos: Canon MAXIFY vs. HP Officejet Pro Inkjet AiO’s — Which Brand is Best for Your Business?

Print Quality – The print quality of both brands was more than satisfactory and superior to that of color laser printers within a similar price range. However, MAXIFY prints displayed a slightly higher degree of fine detail

Build Quality – Although the Officejet Pro 8610 and 8620 had sturdier media trays, there were no significant difference in build quality between bands. Finally, the quantity of gloss black for Officejet Pros varied by model, but quickly showed fingerprints while the matte-black finish of MAXIFY did not.

Cost Considerations – MAXIFY ISO Color CPP is as high as 19.6¢, while Officejet Pro ISO Color CPP is as low as 3.8¢ under the HP Instant Ink Program. In general, with the exception of the Officejet Pro 6830, TCO is comparable between brands. However, the HP Instant Ink Program provides significant CPP and TCO savings to the tune of thousands of dollars over the life of the printer. Also note that the HP Instant Ink Program is most effective for those who print in color and somewhat less cost-effective for those who print primarily with black ink only.


The Officejet Pro 8620 provided the best overall performance in this group. Moreover, Officejet Pro offers a three-year warranty versus MAXIFY’s one-year warranty, and the HP Instant Ink Program enables customers to save thousands of dollars over the life of the printer. On the other hand, MAXIFY consistently provided faster FPOT/FCOT and ADF speeds. In summary, while MAXIFY may be better suited for simplex scanning and black printing and copying, Officejet Pro offers a far better value, superior media handling, feature set, and overall performance, and is easier to use, manage, and support.

For more detailed information please view or download the full Hands-On Competitive Test Report here.


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