Hammermill Trots Out Free Mobile Print App for Mobile Apple iOS and Google Android Users

Hammermill Print App 2Printing from mobile devices can be stressful and difficult for anyone on the go – whether it’s college students on campuses, business people on the road, or workers out in the field, but the makers of the Print Hammermill App say they’ve got the easiest mobile-printing solution available.

Print Hammermill, which is a free download, was developed by Dynamix Software specifically for Hammermill. This app enables mobile users to print photos, office documents, Web pages, and emails from their smartphones by allowing them to connect to almost any printer with the help of an easy set-up wizard. The app does this by connecting to wireless printers using WiFi, Google Cloud, Windows Shared, Bluetooth, or USB.

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“If you think about printing in the past 20 years,” said Paul Moreau, a representative of the app from the marketing team. “It has increased by a lot…What’s happening now is that people are transitioning to spending a significant portion or all of their time on some type of mobile device. Functionality has not caught up with the desktop or laptop in terms of printing capabilities, so for some phones or tablets, you can’t print at all.”

According to Moreau, unlike many other apps, Print Hammermill also has a print preview function – so that you can preview what your document will look like before committing to printing it – and also allows users to configure page layout, page size, sheet choice, and other functions that users will recognize from using personal computers.

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The functionality varies: Apple iOS devices will print Microsoft Office documents, images, photos, emails and attachments, and Web pages, while Google Android devices will print all of those, plus contacts, file browsing, calendar, call log, and text messages.

Our Take

Although we’re not entirely sure who needs another mobile printing app, there is no doubt that Hammermill’s success depends on printing even more so than printer vendors. With its rich feature set and low-low price (free), the bottom line is that if you are looking for a mobile printing app, you may wish to consider the Hammermill Print App. Its convenience  may encourage you to print more from your mobile device making everybody happy.

The Print Hammermill App is available from through Google Play, the Amazon AppStore and the Apple iTunes.

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4 Responses

  1. Deb says:

    When will it be available for Windows 8.1 cell phones?

  2. Virginia Gutierrez says:

    How can i print both sides of page? Using app on LG droid metro phone

    • Terry Wirth says:

      1. Your printer must support automatic duplex printing. If not, you must manually duplex print by reinserting the paper in the proper orientation after side 1 has printed and then print side 2. Some apps do not support duplex printing or duplex printing on all capable printers. Try installing the official app for your printer.