Epson to Begin Making Face Shields Via Paper-Recycling Technology

The Japan Times reports that Seiko Epson of Nagano, Japan, announced today that it will use its paper-recycling technology to start producing face masks beginning later this month.

Production will take place at two of Epson’s factories in Japan. Epson says the production will eliminate the need to outsource masks for its employees.

Epson will also donate 100,000 medical-grade masks, originally intended for internal use, to hospitals, and about 5,600 face shields to the local Japanese government to help ease a supply shortage.

Epson hasn’t yet decided whether it will sell any of the masks it produces to general consumers.

Epson introduced its paper-recycling technology several years ago with the launch of its PaperLab system for recycling paper. Visit the company here for more information on the PaperLab.