Enhanced, Updated WYSK And Head2Head Reports Now Online

H2H-02_09_09The more we at Wirth Consulting have studied the B2B digital-imaging industry, the more we felt a need to adjust our research, data-collection and report-processes accordingly.   Consequently, we have continually performed updates to the reports’ format and presentation of data.  As a result, each new round of reports had a slightly different look and feel to them.  We decided that for the sake of quality and consistency, it was time for a mass update of all existing reports.

As of this writing, over 60 of our Wirth Consulting WYSK Evaluations and eight Head2Head Comparison Reports have been redesigned and updated in a variety of ways.   Note that one of the more important updates was the use of the most recent Euro/U.S. dollar currency-exchange rate in our pricing and Cost Per Page/Total Cost of Ownership calculations.

Clarified WYSK Data Categories

  • “Duty Cycle” is now “Monthly Duty Cycle” (just a quick reminder:  “monthly duty cycle” refers to the very maximum that the vendor recommends a device can print in a month, not the vendor’s recommended monthly volume, which is much lower).
  • “Power Requirements” is now “Power Consumption,” indicating the device’s energy consumption in watts during average printing.

Added Fields to WYSK Evaluations

  • Euro Pricing.
  • Total Cost of Ownership for Mixed Output; Mixed Output refers to documents containing approximately 33 percent color and 67 percent B&W.
  • Device Classification (type of device, approximate price range, etc.).
  • Winners Gold Medals have been added to reports covering devices that have received a Wirth Consulting award.

Other Modifications

  • Data that determined any Winning Gold Medals is highlighted in yellow on the Head2Head Comparisons
  • Calculations for Mixed TCO that affected some WYSK Evaluations have been adjusted and corrected.
  • Euro/USD conversion factors in all WYSK Evaluations have been updated using the latest Euro-U.S. dollar currency-exchange rates.

We feel that our improved system makes it easier for you to identify a device by its class as well as find the best product for your needs and your budget.  We hope that you agree.

Happy Reading!
Terry Wirth

About WYSK© Evaluations

WYSK© Product Evaluations are presented in an easy-to-use format and provide unique product comparisons of MFPs and printers sold B2B for small/mid-size offices and businesses, as well as for home users.  They include TCO, CPP and an exclusive rating and scoring system.  There are currently over 70 What You Should Know Evaluations that can be viewed and printed (but not distributed) on the Wirth Consulting Web Site.

About Head2Head© Reports

Head2Head© Comparison Reports provide competitive evaluations of MFPs and printers for small/mid-size offices and businesses sold business-to-business (B2B).  They are formatted in a convenient side-by-side format that provides a good balance of information and simplicity that is intended to help you make an intelligent include  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Cost Per Page (CPP) and an exclusive rating and scoring system.  There are currently 11 Head2Head© Comparison Reports that can be viewed and printed (but not distributed) free-of-charge on the Wirth Consulting Web site.

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