DocuWare’s PaperOrganizer App Enables Mobile Users to Store Documents in Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive

PaperscanDocuWare, which markets document-management solutions, is introducing a new app, PaperOrganizer, which enables smartphone users to store all types of documents in a well-organized fashion in online document-storage sites Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. The beta version is now available online and apps are available for both iPhones and Android smartphones.

PaperOrganizer can be used to store digitized documents such as invoices, records, and even complex, multi-page contracts in Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Users are no longer dependent on proprietary document-storage systems, and the synchronization features of the online storage make it simple to transfer documents to a PC.

Automatic Indexing

With PaperOrganizer, files that are uploaded to a pre-configured folder within the online storage system are automatically recognized by PaperOrganizer, which then launches the Intelligent Indexing Service. This Web service (introduced by DocuWare in 2013) will automatically propose indexing criteria for the documents. The user can then quickly confirm or decline the suggestion with a click on a PC or a tap on a smartphone or tablet.

A user can even choose a different index term by tapping on the displayed document. Intelligent Indexing is able to learn, so that going forward it’s increasingly able to categorize documents correctly and automatically – from the first document capture. The indexed documents are then integrated by PaperOrganizer into a logical structure that’s then used for the online storage system.

Simple to Digitize

PaperOrganizer is an ideal companion to PaperScan, another DocuWare app, which turns the iPad and most smartphones into a mobile scanner using the mobile device’s camera. Users scan the document using their mobile device’s camera, and paper documents can immediately be digitized, turned into a PDF, and then routed to a cloud document-storage service, where they are then organized with PaperOrganizer. For more information on PaperScan, visit DocuWare here.

For users who would like to switch to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, DocuWare’s DocuWare system offers features for integrating documents – including all indexing criteria – within a DocuWare solution built for business customers.

A public beta version of PaperOrganizer is now available free of charge. For private users with a limited document volume, the service will be offered for free going forward. For those with larger document quantities, DocWare says inexpensive monthly rates are available. For more information on PaperOrganizer, visit DocuWare here.