Cummins Named President of Brother Int’l USA

Brother International Corporation (BIC-USA) has announced that Kazufumi Ikeda has become the chairman of BIC-USA’s Board of Directors and Don Cummins, also a BIC-USA Board member, has become President of BICUSA.

Ikeda came to BIC-USA in 2013 and has served as president since 2014. He first joined Brother Industries (Japan) (“BIL”) in 1985 and held various positions with the Brother Group, including general manager of Corporate Planning for BIL and deputy managing director responsible for general management of Brother International Germany GmbH.

Cummins joined Brother USA in 1985, beginning his career in various product management roles and then transitioning through several leadership roles in the organization from director of marketing in 1992 to vice president of Marketing in 1997 to senior vice president in 2004, leading all of Brother’s Business Machine Group products, to executive vice president for all  company sales and marketing in 2019.

Ichiro Sasaki, president of BIL, commented, “Kaz has led BIC-USA to achieve record-breaking results and has made Brother Americas stronger and more competitive. His leadership over the past five years has taken Brother through business, operational and talent transformations, guiding us towards our medium-term business strategy and Global Vision.

“Don’s long-standing history with the company and vast product marketing experience will be an asset to Brother Americas in furthering our vision and goals. He has been engaged in the printing business for many years and has made a significant contribution to the growth of the business. I am excited for both Kaz and Don and their continuing work with the current management team in achieving the next phase of our goals at Brother.”

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