Cortado Introduces Corporate Server 7 for iOS 7 Enterprise Mobility Features

cortado ios 7Cortado, a provider of enterprise mobility solutions, has introduced Cortado Corporate Server 7, which it calls the first and only enterprise mobility solution that allows companies to use the business functions of Apple iOS 7 to their fullest extent. A 3-minute video highlighting all the main iOS 7 business features can be viewed at
According to Cortado, mobile-application management (MAM) is becoming increasingly important for companies. As a result, many players in the market offer app wrapping and containerized solutions to compensate for the existing shortcomings of mobile operating systems. But these have certain limitations on the user. From the beginning, Cortado recognized the importance for application management to ultimately become a function of the operating system. This has been validated by Apple’s announcement of its iOS 7 business features.
Cortado says Implementation of MAM on operating platforms leads to a range of benefits including:
  • Immediate use of MAM for every app in the app store  – without further modifications or restrictions.
  • Avoiding legal problems associated with app wrapping.
  • The ability for administrators to set policies easily and transparently.
  • Immediate benefit from further developments of the platform for companies.
  • Direct use of special security functions, such as the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor.
  • The usability of the iOS operating system remains completely intact. The Apple email client can be used securely in the enterprise context, while left unmanaged in the personal context at the same time
Simplifying mobile device administration even further, Cortado also integrates mobile device management (MDM) with a company’s Active Directory. This process is completely transparent. Once the policies for Active Directory groups are set, they are automatically implemented for new employees or removed when an employee leaves.
 Cortado Corporate Server 7 also provides productivity applications for on-premise file sharing, a comprehensive enterprise printing solutions, and a secure browser.
Companies can get a look at the iOS 7 enterprise features by downloading the free, fully functioning demo version of the Cortado Corporate Server 7 at:
Cortado Corporate Server also supports other platforms, even PCs and Macs. And with Samsung SAFE and KNOX, a second provider is ready to transfer the requirements of mobile application management to their operating system level. Cortado already supports Samsung SAFE and supplies the app for the Samsung KNOX Store.