Copier Careers: Average Copier Sales Rep Compensation is $88,983

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December 2, 2014 – Copier Careers has just published its 2014 Sales Representative Salary Survey, which surveyed nearly 10,000 copier channel-sales representatives. The survey tracks base pay, quotas, and commissions for several different job titles: Account Executives, MPS/Solution Sales Reps, Named Account Managers, Senior Account Executives, Major Account Managers, Government Account Managers,and National Account Managers. Key findings from this year’s survey include:

  • The number of people who self-identify as MPS (Managed Print Services)/Solutions Sales Reps has skyrocketed. At the same time, the number of regular Account Executives has diminished. Sales reps who focus on selling standalone equipment are increasingly rare.
  • Total average compensation has risen since last year, but only slightly. This year’s increases in compensation represent a significant slowdown compared with the previous three years.
  • Communication skills have become more important than ever. As copier sales relationships become more consultative, the need for sales reps with outstanding communication skills has increased.

According to the report, this year, average annual base pay for all job titles was $48,467. Combined with average commissions of $67,964, that amounts to a total average compensation of $116,431, an increase of $178 since 2013. Major Account Managers reported the highest total income ($130,591), followed by Government Account Managers ($126,039), MPS/Solution Sales Reps ($121,841), National Account Managers ($121,520), Senior Account Execs ($118,344), and Named Account Managers ($107,702). In a distant last place were Account executives, with total compensation of $88,983.

Quotas were also up slightly this year, with Account Executives reporting average monthly quotas of $37,645, MPS/Solution Sales Reps reporting quotas of $44,818, and Named Account Managers reporting quotas of $58,612. Based on the rapid migration of basic Account Executives to MPS/Solution Sales Reps, however, Copier Careers says we can probably expect that both the salaries and the quotas on the low-end of the spectrum will significantly increase.

Download the complete Sales Representative Salary Survey free here.

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