Clover Seeks to Entice Office-Equipment Dealers with ‘Greensweep’ Consumables Program

clover toner carts

Provider of remanufactured toner and ink cartridges Clover Imaging Group says it wants office-equipment dealers to “take back control of their business” and that its new GreenSweep program is the best way to do so. GreenSweep is a new Clover program that provides all Clover dealers a 5-10 percent rebate over and above any pre-existing program for approved OEM conversion opportunities for all Clover-manufactured ink and toner products. The rebate will vary depending on product mix and participation in Clover core collection programs.

According to Clover, in recent years, dealers have experienced “a great deal of disruption” in their business due to mass de-authorization campaigns, “onerous requirements,” and more recently, programs targeting high-margin aftermarket business in an attempt to wrest share away from remanufactured products.

Clover claims that switching from OEM cartridges to CIG remanufactured cartridges provides businesses with savings up to 30 percent over OEM cartridges, while providing dealers with higher margins.

Luke Goldberg, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for Clover, commented, “With the GreenSweep program, we are empowering our partners to proactively take the fight to OEMs whose programs are impacting dealer choice and margins. OEM conversion is the way forward for our customers as a vehicle for growth, and given our small share of a nearly $80 billion consumables market, we know that growth potential is massive and attainable with programs like GreenSweep, quality products, partnerships, and solutions, which are all integral elements of the Clover Imaging Group (CIG).”

For more information about GreenSweep, dealers should contact their CIG Sales Representative or visit Clover here.

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