Cartridge World Now Selling M3D Consumer and Educational 3D Printers


North American retailer of printer and toner cartridges Cartridge World, which has some 1,700 retail stores across the United States and Canada, has begun selling two of M3D 3D printers, the M3D Pro and Micro 3D, designed for consumer and educational applications.

Both 3D printers, which are said to be currently available in local Cartridge World stores, are bundled with 3D-printing software, and feature ARM-core processors, a network of more than two dozen sensors, and a self-leveling print bed for the most consistent results. They’re compatible with industry-standard  1.75 mm filaments, have an internal memory for continuous printing, and can support various 3D-printing materials such as ABS, PLA, nylon, professional, chameleon, and more.

The Micro 3D printer is available in both standard and retail editions. The Micro is available in six different colors (black, white, blue, green, silver, and orange), and retails from $249-$449. The larger model, the M3D Pro, should be available on October 1st. The M3D can be purchased, or “backed”, on for either $499 (market-ready production tier model) or $599 (early-release tier model).

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