Cartridge World Introduces Printer-Exchange Program

Global franchise network Cartridge World has introduced its new Printer Exchange Program under which businesses and consumers can turn in their old, unwanted printers in need of an upgrade and exchange them for new upgraded printers.

According to a national survey conducted by Cartridge World, a majority of businesses only ranked their printers as ‘satisfactory’ and most plan to buy a new printer within the next three months. With its Printer Exchange Program, the firm says business owners can obtain new, high-functioning printers at no cost in exchange for their outdated, unwanted printers.

Under the program, participants must then buy their toner from Cartridge World, and will also receive complimentary printer maintenance for their leased printers. The program, available through December 31, offers options for participants to recycle their old printers, move their old printers to another location in the business, or donate their old printers to a charity.

Cartridge World says it’ll provide a new printer for participants, reviewing each business and its printing needs individually to ensure that they’re receiving the most appropriate printer. The Printer Exchange Program is a part of the company’s Why Buy a Printer Program that it launched earlier this year, and was designed “to give businesses the benefit of worry-free printing with the printer(s) and all the printer maintenance and service included at no additional cost.”

Mark Pinner, CEO of Cartridge World North America, commented: “As a global brand, we’re aware of the impact that tech waste is having on the environment, and want to offer a solution that not only benefits our Earth, but also the business owners who participate and the surrounding communities. With the holiday giving season quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to launch our Printer Exchange Program. The program allows for businesses to obtain new state-of-the-art printers while allowing the old printers to be donated or recycled to those in need.”

In 2003, Cartridge World opened its first store in the United States and now has over 350 stores in North America and over 1,000 worldwide in 55 countries. It says it’s expecting to add nearly 3,000 stores to its system by 2019.

To learn more about Cartridge World’s Printer Exchange Program, visit Cartridge World here.

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