Best in Class – Who Are the Top Vendors?

Head2Head Comparison Report

Updated August 5, 2014

Our Head2Head Comparison Reports are the only reports in the industry that directly compare printers and MFPs, and we back up our findings with exacting detail and research. We use the following methodology to determine the Best in Class product in its class:

  1. We determine a class of devices to compare.
  2. We complete a What You Should Know Evaluation, producing a report on each device that includes our exclusive performance ratings, Cost per Page (CPP), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  3. We perform a Head2Head Comparison Report in which we compare the ratings score and TCO of all the devices in the category, and then determine a Best in Class winner.

We’ve been producing Head2Head Comparison Reports since 2008. The following chart tallies the Best in Class winners from over the years, making it easy for you to determine the Top Vendors in our Head2Head Comparisons:

Wirth Consulting All-Time Best in Class Winners

Best in Class Chart 8-14

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